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Prakash Buknu Masala

Prakash Buknu Masala

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Introducing Prakash Buknu Powder Masala 
The ultimate flavor booster for your culinary adventures. Crafted with a blend of premium spices, this exquisite masala is your secret weapon for creating dishes that dazzle the senses.

Experience the explosive burst of flavor with every sprinkle of Prakash Buknu Powder Masala.

Say goodbye to bland and hello to a symphony of tastes that awaken your taste buds. Whether you're seasoning snacks, soups, or grilled delights, this versatile spice blend adds a delightful kick that sets your dishes apart.
But the benefits don't stop at taste.

Prakash Buknu Powder Masala is also a treasure trove of health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, it not only enhances the flavor of your food but also boosts digestion and supports overall well-being.
Don't settle for ordinary seasoning.

Choose Prakash Buknu Powder Masala and elevate your cooking to extraordinary levels. Add it to your spice collection today and embark on a culinary journey filled with bold flavors and delightful surprises.

Transform your dishes with Prakash Buknu Powder Masala – the epitome of culinary excellence.


Our Buknu Powder is prepared with naturally grown ingredients that are Haldi, Sonth, Ajwain, Jeera, Saunf, Laung, Heeng, Choti Harr, Badi Harr, Peepramool, Peepar, Marorfali, Behda. And salts: black salt, pink salt, white salt and Jawakhar salt.
There are No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives in Our Buknu Masala.
हमारा बुकनू पाउडर प्राकृतिक रूप से उगाई गई सामग्रियों से तैयार किया जाता है, जैसे कि हल्दी, सोंठ, अजवाइन, जीरा, सौंफ, लौंग, हींग, छोटी हर्र, बड़ी हर्र, पीपरामूल, पीपर, मरोरफली, बेहड़ा। और नमक: काला नमक, गुलाबी नमक, सफ़ेद नमक और जवाखार नमक.
हमारे बुकनु मसाला में कोई कृत्रिम स्वाद, रंग या संरक्षक नहीं हैं।

How To Use?

Cook a hot, crispy & buttery parontha or chapati sprinkle the Buknu Powder as per taste. Roll it and ebjoy with tea or coffee in breakfast or lunch. Aslo try it in CURD Products 
गर्म, कुरकुरा और मक्खनयुक्त परांठा या चपाती पकाएं, स्वादानुसार बुकनू पाउडर छिड़कें। इसे रोल करें और नाश्ते या दोपहर के भोजन में चाय या कॉफी के साथ आनंद लें। इसे दही उत्पादों में भी आज़माएं

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