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Prakash Rasoi King Special Combo Box

Prakash Rasoi King Special Combo Box

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Introducing our Mini Combo Packs, a trifecta of culinary essentials carefully curated to enhance your cooking experience. Each pack contains three premium products: Rasoi King Compound Heeng, Garam Masala, and Cardamom Masala, designed to elevate the flavors of your dishes to new heights.

Unlock the secret to savory perfection with Rasoi King Compound Heeng, a premium ingredient that adds depth and richness to your recipes like no other. Elevate your dishes with the aromatic blend of Garam Masala, meticulously crafted to infuse every bite with warmth and complexity. And indulge in the fragrant aroma of Cardamom Masala, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your culinary creations.

Packaged conveniently in mini packs, our Combo Packs are ideal for culinary enthusiasts who value both convenience and quality in their kitchen essentials. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a cooking novice, these packs offer endless possibilities for culinary creativity and experimentation.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cooking with our Mini Combo Packs. Add them to your cart now and embark on a journey of flavor and culinary excellence. With our Combo Packs, every dish becomes a masterpiece waiting to be savored.


Compounded Heeng
Our compounded Heeng asafoetida, a fine powder containing asafoetida resin, along with maida (white wheat flour) and gum arabic. Ferula assa-foetida is a monoecious, herbaceous, perennial plant of the family Apiaceae.

Cardamom Powder
Our Cardamom Powder are made from the seed pods of the cardamom plant, a close relative to ginger and turmeric, that is native to South India and Strictly Unadulterated with No Artificial Colors or Fragrances, No Preservatives, No Additives are Used.

Garam Masala
Our Garam Masala Are Made Up of Whole spices of cinnamon, mace, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and cardamon pods.

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